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"Two years ago, we moved into a newly constructed home. We have three children and full time jobs, so we quickly realized how difficult it was to keep up with regular cleaning. We saw an add for A Couple of Clean Freaks and, after talking on the phone, had them come to our house to see how they could help us out. After their first cleaning, we knew immediately that A Couple of Clean Freaks were a perfect match for us. Every two weeks, A Couple of Clean Freaks provide a thorough, top-to-bottom cleaning of our house. On these cleaning days, we can hardly wait to come home to our beautifully clean home. In addition to their agreed-upon standard duties, A Couple of Clean Freaks honor special requests when we want extra rooms or other things cleaned (like our windows each fall). A Couple of Clean Freaks offer a fantastic, professional service that we cannot imagine living without!"


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Residential Cleaning

Imagine coming home to a house that is completely cleaned. A home that is free of dirt and dust, and with spotless bathrooms. Feels good, doesn't it? A Couple of Clean Freaks can make that dream a reality! We are a team that pride ourself on our first class cleaning at a competitive price. Home cleaning services are available on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one time basis.

The price of cleaning your home is determined by many factors. We provide free estimates at which time we go over these factors, and tailor our work to your personal cleaning needs and budget.

A typical cleaning includes:

All rooms

Dust all furniture, picture frames, knickknacks,
woodwork, baseboards, vents, and light fixtures.
Vacuum carpets and furniture.
Sweep and wash floors. Empty garbage.


Clean counter tops, back splashes, appliances, cabinets, and table/chairs. Scrub sinks and polish faucets. Sweep and wash floors.


Clean mirrors and light fixtures. Clean counter tops, scrub and sanitize bathtubs, showers, sinks, and toilets. Polish all faucets and chrome. Sweep and wash floors.

A Couple of Clean Freaks also provides the following services:

  • Window washing
  • Wall washing
  • Refrigerator and oven cleaning
  • Other special requests!
Reidential Cleaning